On a perfect Saturday evening on July 19, Franklin Pierce Lake owners and their guests gathered for their annual Potluck Supper.  The event was sponsored by the all volunteer Franklin Pierce Lake Association board at the Hillsborough Manahan Pavilion.  Lake residents shared their favorite foods, visited with old friends, make new ones., and chose photos to be included in the Association’s 2015 wall calendar. Local realtor Pat Nash who, along with Jeri Hicks, oversees membership drives for the association noted “we had a record setting turnout of 58 guests.” 

Treasurer Nancy Cone added “we raised over $450 raised in our auction of gifts donated by local merchants and residents and collected annual dues for membership.”   “This year’s fund raising is very important to the association and the lake” said Association Vice President Todd Birkebak.  “Besides being a fun event, it helps us put money aside if, or should I say when, we ever have to treat our waters for invasion by exotic plants like milfoil.,” he continued.

Following are pictures from our Potluck Dinner in 2014.

      gatthering           auction           guests

Franklin Pierce Lake had its first boat parade with over 20 boats and 5 jet skiers around the lake with thanks to those who cheered from the shores.  This was the idea of the FP Lake Association and I think we've started a new tradition on the lake.  Next year, a contest for boat decorations may happen.

There be a Boat Parade in 2015 and there will be a prize for the best decorated boat.

BoatParade4web          BoatParade2web

As membership builds we anticipate our interest and involvement will guide us in expanding into other programs beyond our successful Potluck Dinners (which is in its fourth year) – social, environmental, educational and special interest such as sailing, kayaking, bird watching, wakeboarding, etc. We welcome your input to indicate what programs you are interested in being involved with in the future. Send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact one of the Board members with your ideas. The following pictures were were taken at the end of August 2010 at Franklin Pierce Lake by Michael Gardner of Mountainside Drive.

eagle1[1]             eagle2[1]

The two eggs hatched on Thursday, July 11th, but it appears we have lost one chick.  The family will stay together until fall when they will all migrate to open waters, the adults leaving a couple weeks before the chicks. Once they leave, the chicks are not likely to return for a few years and maybe never so enjoy them while they are around! Frank Malinoski recorded a special video which is on YouTube called Loon Parents Defending Chick or How Fast Can a Raccoon Swim.

loon parents chicks