Flood Plain: Is your lake front property in FEMA’s flood plain zone as defined in their new 2009 maps? This may have been triggered by the fact that in 2009 FEMA created new flood plain maps which show some areas to be in a flood plain that were not previously


To find out if you might be affected go to: GRANITView.  At this site, specify ‘Flood Plains (DFIRMS)’ and ‘Orthophotography’  to have the Flood Plain Map overlay a photo layer showing actual buildings. Once these layers are specified you can zoom in to your area of interest by double clicking multiple times.

Some people who have recently been in the process of buying or refinancing property around the lake have been told by their bank that they are in a flood plain and need flood insurance. If this happens to you, the bank may require you to get flood insurance which is quite costly.

If you question the validity of the FEMA map you may be able to avoid flood insurance in the future by having a surveyor do a survey to get a Certificate of Elevation. Depending on the results, you may be able to send a letter to FEMA applying for a map amendment (LOMA – Letter Of Map Amendment).

Some helpful links and contacts are:

New Hampshire’s Floodplain Management Program  fact sheet

New Hampshire Floodplain Management Office assistance:  603-271-1762 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FEMAs Description of LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) process

If you wish to speak to someone on the lake who has been through the process of filing for an amendment, give Rick Smith a call (588-6836).  He has kindly offered to share his experience with anyone in a similar situation in the hopes that it might make the process easier and minimize their expense. He also shared the following:

It can be costly to have this survey done. Some of the cost can be minimized by knowing where the marker related to the datum established by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey (which can be related to the base flood elevation by survey measurement) is located. The marker is located “on the north side of route 9 is a metal disk set flush on a 3’ by 6’ ledge exposed above grade about 6 inches. The marker has ‘NHDOT’ labels on the surface. Someone has painted a yellow circle around the marker. The marker is located a short distance west, less than 100’ as I recall, from the Jackman Shore Rd and it is about 10 feet north of the pavement and maybe 3 feet higher than the pavement.”