A Board of Director member, Bob Ziman, has made contact with PSNH and will serve as a liaison between lake owners and PSNH.  PSNH provided the follow chart that they use to target how they adjust the water level in the lake and as the text states it is a guide and the actual water level will vary dependent upon conditions.  If you have questions for PSNH please direct them via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will attempt to get the questions answered.

 The construction of the Jackman Hydro Facility by PSNH in 1926 included the formation of the Franklin Pierce Reservoir and acquisition of appropriate Flowage Rights over adjoining property. This chart, which evolved from earlier similar examples, is used as a seasonal guide to control the level of the reservoir to maximize renewable hydro generation and prevent overtopping due to spring rains and snow melt while attempting to accomodate the recreational benefits the reservoir provides..

 Actual pond level varies from this ideal due to weather conditions,operation and maintenance considerations. For instance, very wet conditions will actually be reflected by higher than usual reservoir levels and earlier drawdowns may be necessary to facilitate dam repair. The company endeavors to follow this as a seasonal guide, but makes no representation that the chart will describe actual pond level at any point in any particular season for reasons noted above.

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